Patient services and Information

Patient Confidentiality

All of our staff respect and observe strict rules regarding patient confidentiality.  A private room can be made available to you if you wish to speak to a member of staff in confidence.


We only ever pass on information about you if people have a genuine need for it. The sharing of some types of information is strictly controlled by law.


Until recently your medical records were held only by your GP and were unavailable to other doctors without your prior consent.  The Government is implementing a new national computer system which will involve your entire medical record being stored on a computer in another part of the country.  There are no plans to ask your permission to do this, however if you do not want your records to be available via the NHS computer system for other Health Care Professionals to see, you can choose to withhold them.  Information about this can be found  here.


If you would like to opt out of this scheme you can download a form here.


Chaperone Service

Occasionally a chaperone may be needed during an examination by a doctor. Should you wish to have a chaperone during your appointment please ask the reception staff. All our staff have received chaperone training.


Patient Advice Liason Service

PALS - provides advice and support in helping you with any concerns you may have about the care we provide. It also guides you through the different services available from the NHS.  Please contact NHS County Durham and Darlington 0800 1957998 if you would like further advice.


Alternatively you can find contact details for the local office here.


Derwentside Carers' Centre

Derwentside carers’ centre have entered into a partnership to identify unpaid informal carers in the practice area and to ensure they receive information about their rights to information and support.


Informal carers are relatives, friends or neighbours who provide help and support to someone who could not manage without their help because of frailty, ill health or disability. Looking after someone else is very rewarding but can also be very stressful and physically demanding.  Research shows that carers providing more than twenty hours a week of help suffer from higher levels of stress and anxiety, depression and physical ill health than non Carers.


Priorities for the partnership will be to identify patients who are carers and carers who are patients, ensure their health is checked on a regular basis and to connect them to the services and support available from Derwentside carers’ centre.


You can call them on 01207 502688 or find out more by clicking here.

Charity Work

Dr Le Dune first visited Burkina Faso, a small French speaking West African country in 2008, one of the poorest nations in Africa where health care is almost non-existent and access to even simple medication like paracetamol is often impossible. 


Following that visit he and his wife set up the registered Charity 'Aid to Burkina' and in the last few years has been involved in providing health care in a number of small villages in the South West of the country, along with education well-digging and micro-finance projects.


Thanks to the incredible generosity of patients registered with us at Annfield Plain Surgery we were able to raise over £7000 which enabled us to build our first medical clinic in the small village of Bana.


For more information please visit the charity website by clicking here.








Do you have any questions about our services?

Just give us a call on 01207 215005 and ask to speak to our Practice Manager Christine Serifolgu